Oats Bar/ Cake

Oats Bar/Cakes ~ My husband has been having a craving for this from many days So thought to surprise him today with this when he comes back from work. This one is very simple easy and quick.


100 gm Porridge / Oats

120 gm Salted Butter
50 gm Golden Syrup or Honey 
50 gm Sugar
2 tbspn cocoa powder
5-10 Almonds chopped
5-10 Walnuts crushed 

  1. Put Butter golden syrup, cocoa powder,walnuts and sugar in a microwaveable container and heat it in microwave till the butter melts.
  2. Once its melted take it out and mix the oats in the liquid.
  3. Take another microwaveable tin or cookie cutter.
  4. If using tin line it with a grease proof paper and pour the mixture into it. 
  5. If using cookie cutter, just take a microwaveable tray and grease the cutter and tray with little butter.
  6. Now place the cutter on the tray and fill it with a mixture and press it
  7. Now place this in a microwave on cooking for 3mins or till you see the bubbles coming. 
  8. After taking it out from the microwave remove the cookie cutter carefully and garnish it with Almonds.
  9. Keep this along with the tray in refrigerator for and hour and then its ready to eat.

  • You can add any Jam in place of cocoa powder and golden syrup depending on taste that you are looking out for. 
  • Can add Raisins and sultanas in place of walnuts to get a fruity Oats Bar/ cake.
Note: Dont over heat the mixture else it would get burnt


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