Lamb Pepper Curry

Lamb Pepper Curry ~ This is the simplest Lamb curry that one can ever make yet win hearts. If you are tired of remembering all the spices one uses to make a regular curry then you should definitely try this one. People who are scared of black pepper this is going to make even your mouth water.


600gm -Boneless Lamb 
5 Teaspoon Grounded Black Pepper Powder
3 Onions (Medium in size)
4 Tomatoes
3 Tblsp Cooking oil
Salt to Taste


  1. Clean and Cut lamb into small pieces in desired size, small would be better.
  2. Cut onions in julienne/ thin slices.
  3. Cut tomatoes and keep aside.
  4. Heat oil in the pan and fry onions when light golden brown add lamb. Let lamb cook for 2mins with    onions and then add tomatoes to it. When tomato has left the pulp add pepper powder to it. Remember not to add all of the pepper but gradually so that lamb absorbs the pepper taste in it till cooked.
  5. Add salt as required. 

You can serve it with chapatti or Naan.


If required you can pressure cook the lamb (2 whistles) then cook in the pan as mentioned. It would save some cooking time.


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